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Delux Catering Pty Ltd T/AS Royal Caviar ABN 94161001350

For the past five years Royal Caviar has been the largest supplier of salmon caviar in Australia.

We operate our factory, have refrigeration and freezer capacities. The caviar goes though many stages before it reaches our customers.

Our facility is operated under Australian Food Standards Code requirements and PrimeSafe Seafood Safety License W00356

We have been regularly inspected by the Auditors and local health inspectors.

Our ability to control the process at every stage ensures the highest quality product on your table.


Our Royal Red Caviar range is kosher certified from Kosher Australia.


About Royal Caviar

Royal Caviar, a family owned wholly Australian based company has established the production and sale of Red caviar, Salmon, Trout caviar.

Our family for caviar productions attributes to the principles of values of quality, constancy to traditional recipes and family orientation of perfectionists.

These are the underlying principles of Royal Caviar:

  • At Royal Caviar, we do not only represent our own name and reputation but also embody the reputation of caviar, which is our “calling card”

  • Our strict adherence to the canons of salting and cooking of eggs, detailed quality control at every stage of production, organic fusion of past traditions and future technologies provide us with the confidence and experience expected our of customers and business partners.

  • “With our rich four generations of caviar producing we have prepared the best caviar from our home to your table, we take pride in our caviar production this is the very reason why we use the best salmon trout source and we measure ourselves on the highest standards of taste and quality you deserve”

In addition to the the production and sale of Salmon Trout Caviar, but we have ambitious plans on expanding the range.

We also Traditionally produce small batches of smoked Butterfish, Golden Trout, Rainbow Trout.

Please look out for our logo in you local Supermarkets and Delicatessens.

Caviar / Nutrition

When asked what the word caviar means, most people would simply say that it refers to a delicacy with fish eggs as the main ingredient, as the dictionaries define it.

It is a fair definition indeed, but it does not capture its whole essence. The definition failed to state the rich history and other information behind caviar.

With that in mind, let us now start unravelling lots of things about the delicacy we call caviar! Salmon, Trout Caviar is known around the world. The Red Caviar devours pleasant mild flavor, nutritious eggs and useful.

Red caviar – an internationally recognized Delicacy. In addition to amazing culinary properties, red caviar contains a vast amount of nutrients whilst easily digestible protein and amino acids. Red Caviar also contains renowned highest proportion of omega-3, vitamins, macro-and microelements.

An In depth look at the Health Benefits and Nutritional facts include, Red caviar contains lecithin (17% of the human nervous system consists of lecithin), essential amino acids (aspartic, glutamic, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, histidine, arginine), vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, B12, C, D, E, PP, macro and trace minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, chromium, fluoride, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel.

Within the Red Caviar, its energy value and caloric Red caviar than even meat, and its therapeutic properties help in the recovery of cells and normalization of blood pressure.

Similarly, in the cosmetology caviar taken its leading role, due to the high content of protein and collagen creams and masks containing eggs contribute lift and skin rejuvenation.

Our Unique Process

To produce the most delicious and Authentic caviar Royal Caviar company uses only the best raw materials, sparingtreatment technology and traditional recipes. That’s why our Royal Caviar not only has incredible taste, but also to keep all the useful properties.

Royal Caviar Advantage:

a. The raw material from leading Salmon, Trout farms Australia.

b. Perfect range, which meets the freshness demands of our customers.

c. Exceptional quality Salmon, Trout Caviar is achieved thanks to the skill of our technologist with over 25 years of experience.

d. Our Royal Caviar is pasteurized eggs are in a special factory method, which gives the advantage of our Royal Caviar products long-term storage, preserving all the positive, healing, taste our products.

Our recommended storage options are simple by storing your Royal Caviar in the sealed recommended jar

Royal Caviar Ingredients:

Pasteurized salmon roe, salt, ascorbic acid, kosher grapeseed oil.

No preservatives added.

Serving per Person : 5g

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