Siberian Man Tea

Ingredients: fermented blooming sally (loose-leaf), golden root, thyme.

Very often, getting ready for a visit, we rack our brains about an interesting gift to present to our hospitable hosts. If we can present a box of delicious sweets to women, who have a weak spot for chocolate, then what about men? In this situation, the Siberian Man Tea will help you out, which is a special tea for men!

The taste of such herbal drink is rich, sweetish, with a light piquant bitterness.

It is based on fermented blooming sally, mixed with thyme and golden root in proper proportions. All plants have been collected by hand in environmentally safe areas of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Thyme has been long known for its ability to boost virile strength, to provide a general tonic effect on the body, restore mental balance and soothe pain. Golden root is an excellent remedy for overcoming fatigue and reviving, for stimulating brain activity and normalizing blood pressure. In addition, blooming sally is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, relieving from stress, helping to cure male diseases, and increasing the resistance to viruses.

Thanks to these qualities, the Siberian Man Tea will be an original and useful present for any man!

Siberian Man Tea/50g