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Siberian Sagan Dayla Tea.

Rare mountain plant sagan dayla, whereof name is translated into Russian as “life-prolonging”, is very popular in Buryatia, Mongolia and Tibet. Local healers have long appreciated its healing properties and found out that sagan dayla tea is the strongest natural energy drink.

It is not surprising that this drink was available only to the elite in earlier times – it was presented to the rulers as an elixir of life, giving a long and happy life, and Tibetan shamans used sagan dayla in their magical rituals.

Now everyone can experience the full power of this wonderful plant! Sagan dayla should be mixed with your favourite tea, adding a couple of leaves per cup literally. Such a fragrant portion will be quite enough to feel a surge of energy and vivacity, strengthen the immune system, and stimulate the brain. In addition, sagan dayla eliminates headaches, helps against colds, and also has the ability to relieve hangovers and increase sexual vigor.

Also, experienced hunters advise to drink tea with sagan dayla as a sure remedy to overcome fatigue, increase stamina and strengthen the spirit.

Sagan Dayla Tea 25g

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