Granny’s Tea

Fermented (Loose-Leaf) Blooming Sally with Origanum, Medowsweet, wild Black Currant Leaves

Granny, such a simple, but very close word, contains warmth and care, kindness and love, comfort and family values surprisingly. It is logical that the tea called Granny’s Tea should also be special – fragrant, healthy and, of course, very tasty. This is exactly what its producers tried to achieve!

The drink is based on fermented blooming sally, enhanced by a delicate composition of aromatic meadowsweet, black currant leaves and origanum flowers. All these summer field grasses were hand-picked in environmentally safe places of Siberia.

The taste of the tea matches its aroma bouquet – rich, blended, multifaceted, enchanting. Any member of the family could hardly stay indifferent!

The breathtakingly smelling meadowsweet, which has been twined into wedding bouquets in the Rus, improves blood circulation, relieves stomach heaviness, soothes chronic pain and saves from colds and flu. Origanum, rich in essential oils, normalizes digestion, relieves nervous tension, and has a positive effect on the female reproductive system. Currant helps to rally your strength after illness quickly, disinfects and gives you good spirits, and blooming sally has an antiviral effect and strengthens the immune system.

The Granny’s Tea is the best option for having tea in a company of close and loved ones!

Granny’s Tea/50g