Blooming Sally with Thyme Tea

Tea with thyme is a matchless drink, tempting not only with its multifaceted astringent taste with a spicy note, but also with its healing powers. It will be especially useful for the stronger sex – dear men, be sure to take note of it!

The ingredients for this tea have been hand-picked in Siberia and dried in a traditional way. It contains a harmonious blend of fermented blooming sally and thyme, which will give you health and good spirits.

Thyme, also known as mother-of-thyme, is an ancient plant shrouded in legends. According to the Greek legends, first it appeared on the Earth from the bitter tears of Elena the Beautiful. The first mentions of thyme as medicine are found in Sumerian cuneiform records compiled five thousand years ago.

Thyme helps with bronchitis, colds, runny nose, releases from nervousness and depression, increases potency, boosts working capacity and concentration. In addition, blooming sally supplements the action of thyme by toning the body and boosting the immunity.

This tea will be a wonderful present, as well as could serve as a great occasion to gather in a company of close ones!

Blooming Sally with Thyme Tea + Pine Comet with Cranberries